79 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

If you’re looking for fun indoor activities for kids - we have the guide for you! 

To make navigating this list of fun activities for kids easy, we’ve organised the ideas by activity type - arts & crafts, indoor play activities, education and games.  

There are so many fun things to do with kids that parents may even want to join in on some of the activities, too! Whatever your child’s interests, they are sure to be delighted with these great rainy day activity ideas:

Fun Activities For Kids:

Indoor Activities for Kids - 79 fun ideas!

Most of these fun activities for kids are budget-friendly or even free! And some of these rainy day activities don’t even require parental supervision - win! 

From simple arts & crafts to the best indoor playgrounds and classic activities for kids at home such as playing board games, baking sweet treats or creating a pillow fort. Your kids will never be bored or run out of things to do. 

Rain, hail or even shine, the following indoor activities for kids is the ONLY indoor activity guide that you’ll ever need. Pin it to your desktop or share it with friends on social media - you’ll be coming back to it whenever the kids are in need of fun things to do indoors!

Arts & Crafts

  1. Make homemade slime or sparkly galaxy playdough
  2. Paint pet rocks
  3. Fly paper planes
  4. Create a cereal box aquarium
  5. Make an egg grass head
  6. Make your own lava lamp
  7. Make a silly pom pom animal
  8. Paint by numbers
  9. Paint with marbles
  10. Make a paper plate animal
  11. Create a colourful masterpiece using scratch art
  12. Make finger puppets and put on a show for the family!
  13. Make friendship bracelets
  14. Create your own perfume
  15. Make a toilet roll fairy castle
  16. Create a tile mosaic
  17. Draw your own comic book
  18. Flower pressing
  19. Make a picture scrapbook
  20. Paint and decorate tree branches

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Indoor Play Activities

  • 21. Visit an indoor playground or trampoline park
  • 22. Go bowling or make your own bowling alley at home
  • 23. Go indoor rock climbing
  • 24. Visit a roller skating or ice skating rink
  • 25. Play a round of laser tag
  • 26. Escape to a virtual reality room
  • 27. Build a pillow fort
  • 28. Create your own indoor cinema
  • 29. Learn and perform a dance routine
  • 30. Sing karaoke
  • 31. Build an indoor obstacle course
  • 32. Create a treasure hunt
  • 33. Have a pillow sack race
  • 34. Build a race track
  • 35. Throw a party
  • 36. Do kids yoga
  • 37. Go indoor fishing
  • 38. Visit an arcade
  • 39. Go to a Smash Room
  • 40. Learn to create different hairstyles

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Educational Activities

  • 41. Play Pictionary
  • 42. Bake a cake
  • 43. Read a new book
  • 44. Visit a museum
  • 45. Build a robot
  • 46. Play with magnets
  • 47. Make a viewfinder
  • 48. Visit a science museum
  • 49. Visit an aquarium
  • 50. Research your family tree
  • 51. Research a new topic
  • 52. Watch a historic movie
  • 53. Make homemade popping candy
  • 54. Learn to play an instrument
  • 55. Take part in a STEM scavenger hunt
  • 56. Learn a new language
  • 57. Make flashcards
  • 58. Learn scriptwriting and lettering
  • 59. Build a 3D structure
  • 60. Learn how to draw in 3D


  • 61. Play “Freeze!”
  • 62. Play a round of Twister
  • 63. Try a classic board game like Monopoly, Cluedo or Scrabble
  • 64. Play Hide & Seek
  • 65. Play Bingo
  • 66. Make a homemade carnival game: this can be a great way to bring the outdoor novelty of carnival games home, and all you need is what you’ve got lying around the house!
  • 67. Play Charades
  • 68. Play “The Floor is Lava!”
  • 69. Solve a puzzle
  • 70. Play Hide & Seek in the dark
  • 71. Play Hangman
  • 72. Make a homemade indoor boomerang
  • 73. Go indoor sock skating
  • 74. Play a detective game
  • 75. Create your own game
  • 76. Film your own movie or music video
  • 77. Play indoor mini golf
  • 78. Play Chinese Checkers
  • 79. Play Jenga
  • 80. Play balloon tennis or balloon volleyball

School holiday activities

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