Your workplace has changed, and so have your employees’ needs

With so many of us working remotely, parents are juggling the challenges of work-life balance more than ever before. Our innovative online programs are an excellent opportunity to give back to your employees in these uncertain times.

Keep your staff engaged

Our programs keep kids entertained for hours each day, minimising distractions for your team members.

We handle the process

Code Camp manage the signup process for you via a custom branded registration page.

Maximum fun guaranteed

More than 100,000 kids have loved Code Camp since we started out in 2013.

Trusted by these great companies...

And many more!

Code Camp at AGL HQ in Melbourne

Screen time that counts

We run sessions in a variety of online formats where kids walk away with something to be proud of. Our online instructors are all experienced camp staff with real coding knowledge.

What we teach

Visual coding

Look Mum; I'm on the App Store!

Every single game published via Code Camp World is playable via the Code Camp Community app which is available on the App Store and Google Play.

See what our students have built

All of these games have been built by real kids during our online sessions.

Code Camp World

Where children become creators

Code Camp World is where kids’ imagination comes to life. Not only can kids code and design their own games, all our tutorials also live there too! Unlike any other provider, we own the platform, so you can be sure your data is in safe hands.

Bring coding to life for your team

Get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help you give back to your employees.

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