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Why Code Camp?

Our fun and engaging content ensures students not only learn the fundamental concepts of coding, but are also challenged with more advanced concepts as the term progresses.

Each week, students work with our Code Camp Facilitators to build awesome creations using Code Camp World. This is an online educational coding platform developed exclusively by us at Code Camp, meaning we can truly focus on the fun aspects of coding and the students can continue to code at home!

The best part is, the projects students create can be shared with family and friends at the end of term, using our Code Camp Community App!

Our Physical Locations

You will need to be a student at the school to be eligible for our before & after-school courses unless stated otherwise.

All after-school programs in NSW are eligible for the $100 Creative Kids Rebate.

We're always on the lookout for new schools to partner with. To refer a school, click here.

Not your average
after-school activity

Our after-school programs are so much fun, children don't realise they're learning important coding skills, including:

Visual Coding
Problem Solving

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