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About Code Camp After-School

Our after-school programs are so much fun, children don't realise they're learning important skills! Choose from weekly coding sessions, stop-motion animation filmmaking or our brand-new drone program.

Coding After-School

Ages 7-12 | At our popular after-school coding sessions your child will design games, jam-packed with awesome features including, zombies, invisibility cloaks, and so much more. And then the real fun begins, as we use coding and logic, from drag and drop to JavaScript, to connect all the elements and bring their games to life!

Animation After-School

Ages 7-12  | Animation after-school is the exciting connection between storytelling, art and technology! Over the course of the term, your child will create movies from scratch using stop-motion animation. Stop-motion is the process of taking multiple images of objects and stitching them together to look like they’re moving - it’s an incredibly fun and creative way to tell a story! Working with both clay and LEGO, they’ll develop an idea for their first short film, create a set, design and build characters and bring it all to life taking hundreds of photos to create an animated movie! In post-production they’ll edit their masterpiece and add music, sound effects and credits.

Drone After-School

Ages 9-12 | Drone after-school is our newest hands-on technology program! Code Camp has exclusively licenced the brilliant US-based Drone Legends, the coolest intersection of STEM learning and fun. Kids get a taste of cutting-edge technology and learn about coding, problem-solving, engineering, design, and more! Working in teams they will code their flight path and watch in wonder as their drone takes off, then navigate through an obstacle course designed by them. They’ll learn about drone tech and safety, movie making, and discover how drones can save the world by fighting bushfires, rescuing koalas, spotting sharks on the coast and loads more!

You will need to be a student at the school to be eligible for our before & after-school courses unless stated otherwise.

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Why Code Camp?

Our fun and engaging content ensures students not only learn the fundamental concepts of coding, but are also challenged with more advanced concepts as the term progresses.

Each week, students work with our Code Camp Facilitators to build awesome creations using Code Camp World. This is an online educational coding platform developed exclusively by us at Code Camp, meaning we can truly focus on the fun aspects of coding and the students can continue to code at home!

The best part is, the projects students create can be shared with family and friends at the end of term, using our Code Camp Community App!

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Not your average
after-school activity

Our after-school programs are so much fun, children don't realise they're learning important coding skills, including:

Visual Coding
Problem Solving

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