Blast 3D Online

Ages 8-13

Ages 8-13

Take your child's coding skills to another dimension as they build a 3D adventure game in pure JavaScript!
Key Skills
  • 3D games
  • JavaScript
  • Digital storytelling
  • Advanced coding
This camp is available at our in-person locations and online.
This camp is also available at our in-person locations.
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About Blast 3D Online

Blast 3D is our most spectacular camp yet! Your children loved coding with their favourite characters in Spark and Ignite, well get ready for unbelievable excitement when they see them come to life in 3D! This pure JavaScript camp is perfect for kids aged 8-13 who are looking to improve their skills and build an awesome adventure game.

During this online camp, students will use pure JavaScript (the language of the web) to design and develop their own 3D adventure game. With hundreds of assets to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Take a look at some of our students’ creations below.

By the end of Blast 3D online, your child will be a fully-fledged coding superstar whose ready to take on the world!

And there’s weekly trivia on zoom with cool prizes to be won!

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Build a 3D game

Students with coding experience build advanced 3D games in pure JavaScript!

Elevate your skills

With hundreds of assets to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Carry on coding

You'll maintain a login to Code Camp World so you can continue refining your creations!

Create Incredible 3D Worlds!

If your child loved building in 2D in our Spark & Ignite camps, they'll love watching their creations come to life in 3D!

Student Showcase

Check out what kids have been creating at this camp!
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Code Camp World

Where your child becomes the creator! Get ongoing access to our coding platform so your child can continue coding beyond the last day of camp. It's packed with free tutorials to keep your kids engaged throughout the term!

How it works

  1. Choose a week of the school holidays below
  2. Your child will receive 2 hours of exciting and engaging coding activities per day
  3. Your child may log in at anytime during 9:30 am - 3:30 pm each day (very flexible, can be different time each day)
  4. Our brilliant live tutor team will be online to help your kids code and create their own game over the week

After the week is over, your child can continue on their own with Code Camp World!

The same great content

Get exclusive access to brand-new, instructor-led videos, demonstrations and guides delivered over five days to keep your kids engaged at home.

Live, one-on-one tutor support

Our Australian-based instructors will be on hand via our purpose-built live chat feature from 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday to assist your child with anything they need. 

Learn at your own pace

New content will be released each morning!

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