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Where parents find fun school holiday camps and activities, that empower your kids to design, code and create, and spark a passion so they can go and change the world with a smile on their face. More than 90,000 kids have loved Code Camp so far!

Loved by more than 90,000 kids!

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My son loved it!!!

This is my 9 year old sons 2nd code camp and he loves it. Haven’t seen him this excited since discovering chocolate and the PS4!!! Comes home talking about it, wakes up talking about it and wants to be a “video game creator”.

Keeps tweaking his creation. We will be back!

Natalie, Sydney, NSW, AU

Fantastic! Kids really enjoyed their time

Very satisfied with the course and content.

Girls kept raving about code camp. They made friends. Loved the teachers and all the activities they did. They’ve been spending time on their games too.

They are enthusiastic to be able to continue with coding at home.

Deb, Adelaide

Fun and friendly course with terrific support and ongoing education

This was a great way start to coding for my nine year old son. He seemed to cope well with the teaching level and was enthusiastic about continuing the projects. He is already talking doing about the next course. He didn't know any of the other kids in the course and had made close friend by the end of the day!

Kate, Melbourne

Best 3 days!

So I was a little skeptical sending my son on a 3 day code camp - he's only 7, really shy and he didn't know anyone else attending the camp. Well he went, and he loved it! He made new friends and really loved learning and working on his game, coming home each night and giving us a deep dive into the days learnings and how his game was progressing. Well worth it, education made fun.

Helen, Sydney

Our 8 year-old had a great time building a game

This was our first experience with Code Camp. The 3-day course was a great balance of fun (it's the school holiday, after all) and education. The kids learned concepts from physics, mathematics and logic and built a game, which their friends and family could play afterwards.

We'll be back!

Pete, Melbourne

The Code Camp Program

From Little Heroes to Spark to Ignite to Blast 3D and Web Builders, your 5-12-year-old will have the most fun and epic journey learning the skills of the future! Each course is designed to empower your kids to design, code, and problem-solve, as they create their very own apps, games and websites.

Little Heroes
Little Heroes

Little Heroes

Ages 5 - 6

For our littlest coders, this fun and interactive camp is so much fun they won't realise they're learning important concepts and skills!

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Ages 7 - 12

More than 50,000 kids have loved Spark so far. It's our most popular course where kids aged 7-12 build their very own game using drag & drop coding!

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Been to Code Camp before?

We're continually upping the ante, with more fun, more skills, more coding and more creativity!


Ages 7 - 12

If your kids enjoyed Spark, they are going to love Ignite. New features, more creativity, harder code and logic (including a little bit of JavaScript each day!), more brainstorming, and simply an epic amount of school holiday fun!

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Blast 3D

Ages 8 - 13

We welcome your child back to Code Camp to rise to the next level. After conquering Spark where your child built a 2D platformer game, next stop on your child’s coding and creative journey is Blast 3D. We still use game creation as this has been proven to be the best way to teach kids to code, only this time, the coding gets more complex, the creativity rises to another level, and the fun and excitement are through the roof!

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Web Builders

Ages 8 - 13

Build a website in pure HTML, Web Builders is where technology, creativity and your child’s passions intersect. They'll create their very own website about their favourite animal, movie or sporting team (or any topic of their choice). They’ll walk away with a website that they have built from scratch, along with a newfound understanding of HTML, CSS & JavaScript!

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Loved by parents & kids alike

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Code Camp Makes School Holiday Exciting!

My son had been to Code Camp several times. From the first course upto the 3D level. The Code Camp instructors are very approachable and helpful. Parents gets updated with everything the kids do at Code Camp and even on the App that the kids have themselves created during the course. My son is looking forward to more level-up coding courses in the future. Thanks Coding Camp for this great school holiday course!

Antoniette, Sydney

My son couldn’t wait to get there. It really kept him busy during the holidays and he really enjoyed the coaches.

I was very satisfied with the care and attention my child received. My son said the coaches were helpful and highly skilled. They played games and even had a dress up day. He also said that the coaches made all the instructions very clear which made it easy for him to create his project.There were children that attended from all different ages and they all walked away with their own creations so nothing was difficult. They obviously cater for all skill sets.

Nic, Melbourne

Great school holiday activity

My daughter loved attending code camp. She told me that the teachers were really nice and that it was fun learning to make a game. She is certainly very proud of the game she made and is very keen to return to future camps. Definitely a successful holiday activity - thank you!

Georgina, Perth

If only he was this keen to go to school

My son and friend attended the 3 day Spark camp. The first day I picked them up I was bombarded with excited chatter all the way home! The next day we pulled up and my son sprinted from the car to the class without a goodbye kiss haha! I would recommend this for any child interested in coding or gaming. We will be back for the other camps.

Paul, Brisbane

Happy kid

Four day Spark course. My kid really connected with the teacher and produced a fun game. An engaging activity for girls and boys with a professional team who understood the diverse kids in their care. Emails queries were answered within 48 hrs. Great company.

Shanamasha, Sydney

Good experience to the real technology world

My daughters shared excitement and showed us every day the progress of their website. One of them kept coding to complete and embellish the website at night from home. I hope you can extend this type of courses to teenagers also in the future with a progressive level of complexity.

Gustavo, Sydney
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