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Animation Camp

Ages 6-12

Brand-new: Use stop-motion animation and let your child’s imagination run wild at Animation Camp!
Key Skills
  • Storyboard, design and produce animated short films
  • Stop-motion animation
  • Video editing
  • Teamwork
  • Logical thinking
This camp is available at our in-person locations and online.
This camp is only available at our in-person locations.
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About Animation Camp

In-Person Camps:

• Ages 6-10 (2 day camp)
• Ages 7-12 (3 day camp)

Animation Online:

• Ages 8-12 years old (5 days, flexible times)

Animation Camp is the exciting intersection between storytelling, art and technology! Over two to three days, your child will create two movies from scratch using stop-motion animation. Stop-motion is the process of taking multiple images of objects and stitching them together to look like they’re moving - it’s an incredibly fun and creative way to tell a story!

Students will get stuck right in and learn what it takes to create an animated film (did you know Chicken Run took 7 years to make?)! They’ll develop an idea for their first short film, create a set, design and build clay characters and bring it all to life taking hundreds of photos to create an animated movie! In post-production they’ll edit their masterpiece and add music, sound effects and credits.

Students will build on their new skills to create a LEGO movie. They’ll use special effects and professional stop-motion techniques to take their movie to the next level! Our LEGO figures will go on exciting adventures as we learn to make them jump, add narration and make things fly through the air (plus lots of other cool things!)

What is the difference between a two and a three day camp?
In the three day camp, students will dive into more advanced stop-motion techniques such as flipping, anticipation, exaggeration and facial animation. They’ll also explore other animation styles, using a second app to make a cool Rotoscope video (combining live footage with drawing animation).

Plus every Animation Camp child takes home a Code Camp t-shirt, wristband and medal!

Please note that students will be required to bring their own iPad or Android tablet to this camp.

What is stop-motion animation?

Check out this example video we produced using the same software kids will use at camp!

Student Showcase

Check out what kids have been creating at this camp!
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Code Camp World

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All of our in-person locations have:

At least one fully-trained primary school teacher with first aid certification
COVID-Safe plan
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Animation Camp Online

Following feedback from parents like you, we've adapted our in-person camps into highly-engaging innovative online sessions!

Welcome to Animation Online!

• Ages 8-12 years old

Brand-new for Spring we have Animation Online! The exciting intersection between storytelling, art, and technology, where your child will create their own clay and LEGO movies using Stop-Motion animation.

Your child will be welcomed each morning via Zoom, before following our comprehensive learning materials within our online platform Code Camp World. We've converted our in-class lesson plan into child-friendly demonstrations and guides to enable children to learn these new skills in an engaging format from the comfort of their own home.

Select a week of the school holidays and your child will receive 2 hours of exciting and engaging activities to complete each day. This means you don’t have to complete the program at the same time every day. It’s flexible. Your child can be creative when it suits their schedule!

Your child will also be able to communicate any questions they have in real time, with our Australian Live Tutor Support Team through a purpose built live chat function. They'll be on hand to give one on one support at 9:30am - 3:30pm (Sydney/Melbourne time) Monday to Friday.

How it works

  1. Choose a week of the school holidays below.
  2. Your child will receive 10+ hours worth of engaging lessons and challenges, spread across the 5 day course, and be invited to join our morning welcome Zoom calls each morning.
  3. Your child may log in at the time that suits you best each day (super flexible, can be a different time each day).
  4. A team of our best teachers will be online to help guide and support your child to create and produce two of their very own movies using Stop-Motion animation.

After the week is over, your child will have the skills & resources to continue creating even more Stop-Motion animation movies!


  • Tablet/ iPad
  • A second screen to follow the lessons on
  • Stop Motion Studio Pro app (approx. $8 one time payment)
  • Modelling clay (or similar)
  • LEGO figures (or similar), a base, and building blocks
  • Coloured paper and pencils

Full details for these required and other optional materials will be emailed through upon enrolment.

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Live, one-on-one tutor support

Our Australian-based instructors will be on hand via our purpose-built live chat feature from 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday to assist your child with anything they need. 

Learn at your own pace

New content will be released each morning!

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All of our in-person locations have:

At least one fully-trained primary school teacher with first aid certification
COVID-Safe plan
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