Little Heroes

Ages: 5 - 6

Days: 2

Your child will love the fun and interactive way we teach kids to code at Little Heroes. It’s so much fun, they won’t realise they’re learning!

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Heaps of fun!

Your kids will make new friends, learn to build apps, and enjoy problem solving with technology, puzzles, apps and more.

A mixture of 'online' and 'offline' activities

We know how important it is that kids get the right amount of 'screen time' versus physical activities. Expect iPad activities, board games, outdoor fun and more!

iPad based coding

Build awesome mini-games and learn about coding in the process. It's so much fun they don't realise they're building new skills at the same time!

Action Packed Days

10:15 AM
9:30 AM
9:00 AM
8:30 AM
Day One

It’s time for the kids to get acquainted with their new classmates, instructors and their surroundings.

Check In & Play

Look out for our friendly staff who will sign your child in for the day. It's outdoor time until lessons kick off!

The Fun Continues

Kids can catch up with their new friends and we learn about what’s in store for the day ahead.

What is a loop?

Now we’re going to do the ‘Loopy Dance’, followed by some insightful iPad based learning about how important loops are in coding.

Big Buttons

This physical exercise teaches kids about ‘events’ - “When I do this, then you do that” = When I turn around, then you stomp your feet.

Day Two
Computer Safety Exercise

This teacher led discussion encourages children to discuss ideas on how to stay safe online, and what to do if they see something that upsets them.

Left & Right

Why is direction so important in code? Let’s find out with a high-energy dancing game!

10:45 AM
Air Time

Some time for the kids to be in the playground, play with their new friends and have a bite to eat.

Think, Pair, Share - What is Code?

Coding is everywhere in today’s world. Let’s look at how it affects everyday objects we surround ourselves with.

What is a programmer?

We’ll play a fun game where we have to teach each other how to perform tasks in a language a computer would understand.


We're big fans of outdoor fun too! Depending on the venue we'll have some handball and soccer games, or make use of other school equipment (skipping ropes, balls etc.).

What is an Algorithm?

It’s time for Blue-Bot’s first appearance! He’s our friendly coding robot that teaches us about algorithms.

Testing Our Games

Coding is all about trial and error. It’s time for students to evaluate their games and share with the class.

Problem Solving - The Tallest Tower

More teamwork! The challenge is to build the highest tower using just matchsticks.

Medal Ceremony

Before we say goodbye, we go over everything we’ve learned over the past two days. Kids are also given a Code Camp medal to recognise their progress!

1:20 PM
2:00 PM
Let's Code Our Own 'Flappy Bird' Game!

Coding is everywhere in today’s world. Let’s look at how it affects everyday objects we surround ourselves with.

Pick Up Time

We'll be outside from 3:30 PM, ready for parents to us pick up before 4:00 PM.

Problem Solving - Matchstick Structure

Using only matchsticks, can you build a structure strong enough to hold a book? Let’s build and test to find out!

3:30 PM
4:00 PM
2:30 PM

Also known as ‘IF statements’, these instruct computers to make decisions based on variables.

11:50 AM
12:40 PM
11:15 AM

What's included?

Little Heroes Workbook
Code Camp Hat
Code Camp T-Shirt
Code Camp Medal

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