Ages 7 - 12 | 3 - 4 Days

If your kids enjoyed Spark, they're going to love Ignite!

We asked 10,000 Spark kids what they'd love to create next, and then put our creative team to the task of bringing this to life as a brand new course. Mission accomplished. But we also added more logic, more code, more problem solving... and introduced JavaScript, the language of the web!

Brand new!
Visual coding
Even more fun
More creativity
Problem solving
Downloadable app
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Brand new lesson plan!

Even more fun and more creativity

The next step in your child's journey, bringing their creations to life, with both visual coding and JavaScript

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The epic game-design &
coding journey continues!

Ignite games are action-packed with fun features including, invisibility cloaks, spinning platforms, mini-games and so much more. Your child will bring these to life by using both visual coding and JavaScript - the language of the web. Ignite is incredibly fun, engaging and creative. This is a course that was built for the child who loved Spark!

Flashing Gems
Bouncy Clouds
Invincibility Cloaks
Spinning Platforms
Bonus Levels
Visual Coding
Shrinking Potions
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Action Packed Days

Day One

Creativity to the max!

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get seriously creative - we’ve got a lot to cover in the next few days. Together with friends new and old, we’re going to get started on our brand-new adventure game.

Day one will cover:

  • Quick re-cap of the coding basics we learnt in Spark
  • Choosing the core features of our new creation
  • By the end of the day, we will have started using JavaScript - the language of the web!

Day Two

Turning up the heat!

The smiles get bigger and the fun only increases as we learn the code (using both block-coding and JavaScript) to create all the advanced features of the kids’ games:

  • Invincibility shields
  • Spinning platforms
  • Shrinking and growing potions

Day Three

Bringing it all to life

The final day of Ignite is all about putting those finishing touches on our game that really make them pop. This is time for everyone to focus on what makes their creation special.

  • Finishing touches into our levels, adding a few new game features, and possibly even a few new characters
  • We’ll add touch controls so your kids can play their games on any mobile device!
  • An awards ceremony, recognising each child’s creative and coding achievements

Your child will learn:

Visual Coding
Problem Solving

+ your child will gain so much confidence as they create their very own downloadable app. Read our parent reviews to see what they are saying about us!

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Have a question? Our friendly support team are on hand to answer any questions you might have. You can get in touch with them in the following ways:

Do I need to bring my own device?

Students are welcome to bring their own laptop from home, but if that's not possible you will be able to hire one from Code Camp for a small fee.

What should I pack in my child's bag each day?

Each day to camp we recommend bringing a hat, water bottle, sunscreen and a nut-free packed lunch.

Can my child continue coding at home after camp?

Yes, of course! Each child is given access to our very own coding platform, Code Camp World which is packed with exciting tutorials.

How many kids are in each class?

We have some of the best student-teacher ratios to ensure every child has a positive experience. Most of our classes are capped at 28 students with a 1:8 teacher-student ratio.

Camp Manager, Lauren from NSW

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Code Camp Makes School Holiday Exciting!

My son had been to Code Camp several times. From the first course upto the 3D level. The Code Camp instructors are very approachable and helpful. Parents gets updated with everything the kids do at Code Camp and even on the App that the kids have themselves created during the course. My son is looking forward to more level-up coding courses in the future. Thanks Coding Camp for this great school holiday course!

Antoniette, Sydney

My son couldn’t wait to get there. It really kept him busy during the holidays and he really enjoyed the coaches.

I was very satisfied with the care and attention my child received. My son said the coaches were helpful and highly skilled. They played games and even had a dress up day. He also said that the coaches made all the instructions very clear which made it easy for him to create his project.There were children that attended from all different ages and they all walked away with their own creations so nothing was difficult. They obviously cater for all skill sets.

Nic, Melbourne

Great school holiday activity

My daughter loved attending code camp. She told me that the teachers were really nice and that it was fun learning to make a game. She is certainly very proud of the game she made and is very keen to return to future camps. Definitely a successful holiday activity - thank you!

Georgina, Perth

If only he was this keen to go to school

My son and friend attended the 3 day Spark camp. The first day I picked them up I was bombarded with excited chatter all the way home! The next day we pulled up and my son sprinted from the car to the class without a goodbye kiss haha! I would recommend this for any child interested in coding or gaming. We will be back for the other camps.

Paul, Brisbane

Happy kid

Four day Spark course. My kid really connected with the teacher and produced a fun game. An engaging activity for girls and boys with a professional team who understood the diverse kids in their care. Emails queries were answered within 48 hrs. Great company.

Shanamasha, Sydney

Good experience to the real technology world

My daughters shared excitement and showed us every day the progress of their website. One of them kept coding to complete and embellish the website at night from home. I hope you can extend this type of courses to teenagers also in the future with a progressive level of complexity.

Gustavo, Sydney
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