3D World Builders

Ages: 8 - 13

Days: 3 - 4

Welcome to 3D World Builders, the world's first 3D coding camp designed for kids to code, create and build spectacular worlds and apps.

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Build your own 3D game

If your kids loved coding with Unicorns, Aliens and Zombies in our Spark Code Camp, get ready to see unbelievable excitement when their characters come to life in 3D!

Create in pure JavaScript

This is the language of the web, as used by Facebook, Google and pretty much everyone else! Gain real-world coding skills at 3D World Builders.

Continue coding at home

Code Camp doesn't end on the last day of camp! You can access all the same tools used at our camps at home and carry on coding with our new video tutorials.

Get creative

3D World Builders has the perfect balance of creativity, fun and educational outcomes. Your kids will immerse themselves in a 3D World of their creation.

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Action Packed Days

These camps can also include a fourth day of activities at selected venues.
10:45 AM
9:30 AM
9:00 AM
8:30 AM
Final Day
Day Two
Day One
  • Build our first scene
  • Create our first level
  • Code our first character
Welcome back
  • Coins
  • Scoring sytem
  • Variables
Final Day Kick-Off
  • Throwing
  • Add touch controls
Check In & Play

Look out for our friendly staff who will sign your child in for the day. It's outdoor time until lessons kick off!

Air Time

Some time for the kids to be in the playground, play with their new friends and have a bite to eat.

  • Sound effects
  • Win screen
  • Obstacles
  • Lives
11.15 AM
12:40 PM

We're big fans of outdoor fun too! Depending on the venue we'll have some handball and soccer games, or make use of other school equipment (skipping ropes, balls etc.).

  • Game over screen
  • Enemies
  • Jumping
  • Camera movements
  • In-game physics
Pick Up Time

We'll be outside from 3:30 PM, ready for parents to us pick up before 4:00 PM. We send you a daily update via email every day before pick-up so you have questions to ask your child on the way home to keep their brains buzzing!

  • Medal ceremony & showcase
  • Continuing the coding journey at home with Code Camp World
  • Character movements & controls
  • Animations
  • Level transitions
1:20 PM
3:30 PM
4:00 PM

Next steps

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