Meet our Code Camp Superstar

Is there such a thing as attending too many Code Camps?  

According to 11-year-old Aarav, the answer is: definitely not!  

Aarav’s parents say he’s always been interested in technology, so to help him learn valuable coding skills, they enrolled him in his first Code Camp in 2018 when Aarav was seven.

Since then, Aarav has completed our entire beginner to advanced coding program (Spark, Ignite, Blast 3D and Web Builders) and all our creative tech programs (DJ, Drone, YouTube Creators and Animation Camp). We think it’s safe to say he is a massive fan of what we do, but don’t take our word for it, here’s what Aarav had to say about his Code Camp experience:

Which Code Camp program has been your favourite and why?

Web Builders, Drone & Animation camp as they were all very engaging and the bits that I have enjoyed the most were the creation & content of building a website - the Claymation in animation and the navigation and quick thinking in drone camp.

Which Code Camp program did you find the most challenging?

Web Builders.

Did you learn any key skills that you are now applying to everyday life?

To always be persistent & in terms of coding to always double check everything!!

Have your new skills inspired you to choose particular subjects or extracurricular activities in school?

I am now a technician for my school as part of a democratic vote in my school. I love helping out and am a keen techno wiz!

Do you know what you want to do or study when you finish school? Do you want to use your coding or creative skills in your future career?

I feel like I am too early in my life to decide this, but I am a child with an imaginative thinking… who knows maybe a doctor or a teacher?!

Are you a ke1n gamer?

I wouldn’t describe myself as keen as an addictive gamer person, but I know that I am keen on having YouTube channels in the future relating to this as I play Roblox as my main gaming activity.  

Tell us about your experience at Code Camp.

It was very occupying and very, very, very fun. I loved the experiences. I made a lot of friends at the camps! The teachers were really friendly and very helpful, and I think anybody that would be new to Code Camp would really enjoy the experiences, especially with very kind staff and awesome coding!

Your Ultimate school holidays activity list

1. Get creative with Minions

What is it?

Kids go bananas for Minions (pun intended) and these school holidays they can express their fandom making a Minions movie using stop-motion animation techniques. Over 2 days, kids create their own Minions clay characters and design their own film set. The magic begins when they see their characters come to life by taking multiple images of objects and stitching them together to look like they’re moving! - It’s incredibly fun!

Why go?

‍If they watch their favourite animated movies on repeat, they’ll love creating Minions clay figurines and developing their own story, taking lots of still frames and stitching them together to create their very first movie!  

Ages: 5-7

2. Become a DJ

What is it?

Children will take their first steps into the exciting world of mixing music to create their own DJ set.  

Why go?

Kids will love mixing their favourite pop tunes using beat matching and transitions on real DJ decks. Plus, they will design their own DJ brand, develop branded merch, and even perform a DJ set to their friends!

Ages: 8-13

3. Pilot a drone

What is it?

Kids learn to pilot a drone using coding to design a flight path and watch in wonder as the drone takes flight!

Why go?

If your kid shows an interest in drones, they can learn more than just the basics of flying. Kids get a taste of cutting-edge technology and learn about coding, problem-solving, engineering, design, and more. They’ll learn about drone tech and safety, movie making, and discover how drones have a positive social impact when used to fight bushfires, rescue koalas, spot sharks on the coast and loads more!

Ages: 9-13

4. Become a YouTuber

What is it?

While they may not end up with YouTube stardom, we’re sure kids will have a new lens on screen time. They will be equipped with the skills to start producing and directing their own ideas instead of simply watching other people's! Plus, they’ll gain confidence ‘performing’ in front of audiences and on set and importantly, learn about staying safe online.

Why go?

Taking a YouTube fixation and turning it into something incredibly productive where kids will learn planning, storytelling, filming and video editing to become the star in their very own YouTube-style videos.

Ages: 8-13

5. Produce a LEGO movie

What is it?

Turn hours of playing with LEGO characters into an even more creative pursuit, by teaching kids to create their own LEGO Movie.

Why go?

They can use their favourite LEGO characters and sets, come up with a fun storyline and use stop-motion techniques to produce a short animation film. It will transform the way they play at home and offer endless hours of creativity for the rest of the holidays.

Ages: 7-12

6. Code a game

What is it?

Kids can design their own arcade-style video games (like Super Mario Bros), jam-packed with cool characters like zombies and unicorns, and awesome gaming features such as invisibility cloaks and shrinking potions. They’ll learn drag and drop code and logic to connect all the design elements together and bring their games to life!

Why go?

Kids are spending countless hours on Roblox and Minecraft these days. Get them to spark their creative side instead, by producing their own original games, using a combination of creative level design, storytelling and problem-solving to bring their creations to life. It’s so much fun, they won’t realise they are actually learning some very important coding and tech skills for their future.

Ages: 7-12

7. Develop a Website

What is it?

For kids with some proficiency in coding, they’ll create their own website from scratch about an animal, movie, sporting team or their favourite topic.  

Why go?

With 1.93 billion websites on the world wide web, developers are in higher demand than ever before. It’s a great head start to gain fundamental web building skills and your kids will have so much fun in the process.

Ages: 8-13

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