9 year old Code Camper has built an app that could save lives this summer!

9 year old Code Camper has built an app that could save lives this summer!

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sarah yep and code camp teacher looking at sarahs beach safety app

‘All my friends are proud of me and so are my family’ says 9 year old Sarah Yep, inventor of “Beach Safety”, an app to teach kids how to stay safe in the water.'

We’re excited to announce that one of our Code Campers Sarah Yep, has been featured in the news twice recently, after creating her own app.

Code Camp is committed to empowering kids to become creators and we know many more amazing stories are yet to come!

A fun app for kids- that’ll save lives

The 9 year old’s creation teaches kids about sun safety, staying safe in rip’s and CPR.

While Sarah was learning about beach safety at school, she thought it would be a good idea to help other kids learn about it too. To build the app, Sarah used Code Camp’s “Code Camp World” software. The game features 3 fun mini games and vibrant designs. Play Sarah’s game below

Sarah’s debut in The Daily Mail

Last week, Sarah and her mum were interviewed by the Daily Mail about her app.

Samantha Yep (Sarah’s mum) said, ’to see what kids in primary school can produce is rather amazing’. We think so too! 


Every child is a creator

Other Code Camp kids have also gone on to make their own digital creations. 

10 year old Lamar, developed a website to help her dad stop smoking (read here), and 13 year old Aiden created a handful of apps for the apple app store (watch more here). This just goes to show: any child can be an amazing creator.

Sarah stars on The Project 

9 year old Code Camper has built an app that could save lives this summer! - Code CampBeach Safety was also featured on Channel 10’s The Project! On the show, Sarah said her app could help ‘tourists for Summer’.  Bondi Rescue’s Ben Quigley agreed. ‘It’s great to see how these little minds are shaping our future and how they are using their creative and technical skills for positive causes such as beach safety’, he said.

Lots more stories ahead!

It’s exciting to see what Sarah has created, and we can’t wait to see what other Code Camp kids create over the upcoming Summer holidays and beyond! 

If you’d like to learn more..

Play Sarah’s app on your phone: download the “Code Camp” app from your phones app store, where “Beach Safety” will be on the front page Play on your computer by clicking on this link: Play Sarah’s app Read The Daily Mail article here: Sarah Yep in The Daily mail Watch Sarah on The Project here: Sarah on The Project

About Code Camp

Code Camp is on a mission to empower kids to create anything they can imagine, and to inspire 200,000 Australian tech superheroes by 2020! 

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