10 Things Your Kids Will Gain From Code Camp

10 Things Your Kids Will Gain From Code Camp

10 Things Your Kids Will Gain From Code Camp

In just under four years, Code Camp has proudly taught 30, 000 bright-eyed kids from around Australia the basics of coding.

In just seven years, Code Camp has proudly taught and inspired 100,000 bright-eyed kids from around Australia the basics of coding. We are committed to ensuring our students continue to walk away with more than just a computer game and another language under their belt, but with new friends and a broader skill set as well.

Here’s a breakdown of what your kids will gain from coming to Code Camp:

1. A new language

Coding is one of the most vital languages of the new economy. Already we see it woven into everything from traffic lights to greenhouses to design agencies.

At camp, we teach kids the fundamentals of drag and drop coding, inviting them to continue using the Code Camp World platform long after they leave. We are passionate about ensuring kids have the resources to continue developing their skills at home.

We also have
available based on your child’s skill level, so they can keep coming back and increasing their skills under professional guidance.

2. Friendship through teamwork

Code Camp is an inclusive environment designed to ensure students from all backgrounds, skills and ages have the opportunity to make lasting friendships through teamwork and develop a new skill while they’re at it. Whether it’s in the classroom or out in the playground, our teachers are equipped to look out for and facilitate a welcoming space.

3. Creative Freedom

Coding is more than just a bunch of letters and symbols on a black screen. At Code Camp, our students need to come up with their own game and their own storyline. Who is the bad guy? Why is he bad? How will the good guy overcome evil? How can the story become a game? What images and colours will they use?

Children have such incredible imaginations, and we want to make their imagination a reality.

4. Problem solving and confidence

Learning something new and solving problems for the first time can be incredibly challenging, but once you master it the sense of confidence in yourself, your ability grows. That’s what we aim to foster in every single one of our students.

5. Computational thinking

For many kids, this is their first exposure to computational thinking in a technical way. At Code Camp, students are given a problem and are challenged to express the solution in such a way that only a computer can solve it.

This new mindset will lead them to question their consumption. How are those new Nike shoes connecting to my iPhone? How does my shower stay warm? What does the changing Facebook algorithm mean for me as a consumer?

By understanding the role of technology, kids will become creators rather than consumers, appreciating the never-ending possibilities of technology.

6. Access to professionals

Qualified teachers with a degree in computing science, what more could you need? Any questions that kids have beyond the Code Camp World realm can be answered by our professionally trained team.

7. Time Management

By the end of the week, your child will walk away with a game. This means that time management is necessary in order to get your child to the stage of completion. The great news is, every child who attends every day of the camp will walk away with something, we make sure of it!

8. Meaningful school holiday experience

When you’re trying to juggle full time work and parenthood, it’s hard to ensure your kids have a really fun and meaningful school holiday period. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here.

9. Merch

Every kid on camp will walk away with a t-shirt, wristband, and a medal on completion.

10. An awesome game

This is what kids are super excited about, but it’s really the final destination for us. We want to make sure our students walk away with new skills, new friends, and a desire to continue learning and challenging themselves with code. The more kids who know and understand technology, the more chance we have as a society to solve the problems that we face. The game is a bonus!

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