10 Facts About Coding If You Don't Know Anything About It

10 Facts About Coding If You Don't Know Anything About It

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To put it simply, people write code, code powers computers and computers tell things like our phones and our hot water systems what to do. Many of these codes now work autonomously (they’ve been coded that way) so that computer programmers can focus their energies on other things such a websites, automated technology and algorithms. Here are 10 facts about coding if you don’t know anything about it:

  1. There are thousands of coding languages and Javascript is the most popular. Other coding languages include HTML, CSS and Java.
  2. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, co-founders of Apple, began their coding careers as teenagers.
  1. 67% of all programming jobs are in industries outside of technology.
  2. A website consists of a variety of different coding languages. As a standard, HTML is the template of a website, CSS is how it looks and Javascript is what makes it interactive and dynamic (the like button on Facebook for example).
  3. Almost anything powered by electricity requires code.
  4. A coder’s job title can range from: coders, programmers, developers, computer scientists and software engineers.
  5. One in two jobs in Australia will require high-level programming and IT skills within 15 years.
  1. Many coding languages share similar features, so it’s easier to pick up another language once you know one.
  2. The gaming industry is worth 30 billion dollars more than the movie industry.
  3. You can teach yourself for free and we can teach your kids!

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