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Code Camp will be back in December/January - in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Brisbane, Townsville, the Gold Coast and so much more! Many of the same venues, and new venues too. Dates are being released over the next couple of weeks. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know.

Code Camp Little League, Spark, Ignite and Leap. New names, same incredible coding!

More fun than hunting for Pokemon
... create and build iPhone apps, games and websites.  A lot of fun, incredibly engaging, challenging, problem solving and lots of logic.

Little League

Our little coders make their first small but important leap from consumers of technology to creators of it!  Using a range of iPad based coding tools mixed with a healthy dose of physical, offline activities to promote collaboration, creativity and teamwork, our Little League is the perfect place to start your son or daughter's coding journey.


Fun, engaging and challenging… and are our most known Code Camp which more than 10,000 students have completed. Code Camp Spark is where every student in years 2-7 should start their Code Camp journey.




Completed Spark (or our previously named ‘Beginners’ course)? Next stop is Code Camp Ignite!  Returning students will build on their skills and create new apps with increasingly complex logic, more code, behaviours and problem solving.


We’ve developed our own software to teach you the language of the web, JavaScript! Code Camp Leap is for our students who have conquered the Spark and Ignite camps and are ready to take on the world!

Professional school teachers and incredible software developers.

We've trained more than 300 engaging, inspiring and professional teachers to teach your sons and daughters to code and build iPhone apps. Obviously, all have working with children checks too.

Building confidence, creating mentors, and entrepreneurial thinking.

We have students like 12-year olds, Seb and Aiden who now come back as teacher assistants to inspire and mentor our younger students! Code Camp is more than app building. We teach logic, computational thinking and build confidence too.

"Thank you so much for running the extremely successful and enjoyable code camp experience. Our daughter Mia enjoyed her time with your team in the great environment you created for the children. We are very proud of her game and will be downloading it on all the devices in our home, our families homes and more!"


Why top universities are teaching drag & drop coding!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q.Which Code Camp should my child be enrolled in?

    A.• Year K – 1 students should be enrolled into Junior Code Camp.
    • Our beginner Code Camp is for students in Years 2 to 7.
    • If your child has been to Code Camp before they may enrol into our Advanced Code Camp.

  • Q.Does my child need to bring their iPad or iPhone?

    A.No. With Junior Code Camp we’ll supply the devices to use. With our older Code Camps we’ll be using computers to code, and after the Code Camp is over we will email you links to download your child’s app.

  • Q.Do you offer food for the kids?

    A.We ask all parents to pack their child’s lunch. The kids will have morning tea and lunch so please make sure there is sufficient food for the whole day.

  • Q.What should I pack in my child’s bag?

    A.Every child should have a hat for outdoor play, lunch, morning tea and a drink bottle. Please make sure they have sunscreen on before arriving also.

  • Q.Are the kids just working on the iPads / computers all day?

    A.We have taken great care in creating a schedule that incorporates many aspects of learning. The kids will be shown different ways in which they can relate to the technology and this often includes participating in educational games, theatre sports, arts and crafts etc. At Code Camp we understand that children learn and understand concepts at different speeds and through different techniques. What works for one child may not be the same teaching tool that works for the next. It is for this reason that we create diverse programmes. While a majority of work is done on the computer/iPads the kids also have a great time being taught via different methods.

  • Q.Do the kids go outside during the day?

    A.Sometimes we do have to drag the kids away from their computers as they are so enthralled in the new adventure they themselves are creating but we definitely do get the kids out into the playground. We provide balls and ropes which can be used during morning tea and lunch time to play with. We do have some learning initiatives that allow the kids to be outside during class time also.

  • Q.How many kids in a class?

    A.The class sizes range from 15 to 25 children

  • Q.Do you have any after school Code Camp? 

    A.We’re currently expanding our after school Code Camps. These are usually for students of the host school only.

  • Q.Do you do private group bookings?

    A.We can look at this possibility based on the individual needs of the group. If you are thinking about hosting a small group camp at your home, please give us a call so we can discuss this further.

  • Q.My child is 14 – do you cater for that age group?

    A.We often have older kids come to the camps. We can tailor the learning schedule so that the older children get to advance at a faster rate. If we have a number of older kids wanting to do the camps, a separate camp is also a possibility. Please call us to discuss this further.

  • Q.Will my child make their own app?

    A.If your child is attending a Beginner or Advanced camp (year 2 onwards) they will finish with one (or several) apps which can then be run on their iPhone or iPad. For children attending Junior Code Camp attendees will create their own customized version of games they’re already familiar with such as Flappy Bird or Pong with a unique, shareable URL meaning anyone with access to the Internet can play it.

  • Q.What time does Code Camp run each day?

    A.Each day will be from 9am to 3:30pm, with drop off from 8:30am and pick up until 4pm.


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